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Join us on a discovery of insights happening on our little island of Gili Lankanfushi

as told by our Mr. Friday.

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    The Island is Your Playground at Gili Lankanfushi

    04 th June 2018 | Posted by Your Mr Friday

    Gili Lankanfushi’s prominence as a dreamy sanctuary is unrivaled, where neither words nor pictures can justify its allure. Guests often recount their experiences at Gili Lankanfushi with extreme fondness, thrilled by its exquisite surroundings and extravagant, piquant dining selections. Located in the North Male atoll, it is the go-to retreat for healing and pleasure, and has evolved into a lively, dynamic hive of activity for children.

    The sublime resort has created a vibrant, holistic environment that captivates the young and old, perfectly pairing island life with phenomenal hospitality. The absence of a kids’ club is a masterstroke, made up for by a deluge of compelling excursions and activities available at Gili Lankanfushi – ready to enliven and capture a child’s imagination.

    Kid-friendly Activities

    If your kids are up for an adventure, join us for an incredible time of big game fishing. Kids as young as four can clamber on board Sara Coco, Gili Lankanfushi’s game fishing boat. Relish the experience as the vessel cruises along the vast Indian Ocean, supported by an experienced crew who’ll ensure a gratifying and astonishing encounter. What better than to witness first-hand the art of reeling in a big catch – one primed with exhilaration and anticipation.

    Impressively, Gili Lankanfushi also possesses a state-of-the-art 14-metre Riviera yacht. Embark on a serene cruise, one that offers guests a hypnotic blend of the crisp ocean breeze, the setting apricot sun and a placid drift across the water – something that even children would appreciate.

    Other than cruises, there are opportunities to partake in any of the resort’s diverse array of water sports activities. Allow the kids to bask in the tepid sunshine and revel in calm, unfurling waves – soaking the ins and outs of balancing on a surfboard, for example.

    Multiple Dining Options

    At Gili Lankanfushi, an eclectic culinary experience awaits, with a vast array of delights created from the island’s fresh produce. Its fabled Main Restaurant is testament to this verve, where young guests can expect to thumb through a Junior Gourmet Menu crafted to suit their palates.

    Kids can tuck into signature creations such as the Children’s Ploughman Lunch, comprising freshly sliced ham and grapes with bread roll, or even the delectable Roasted Plum Tomato Soup that comforts and soothes. There’s even an infant menu – an exquisite array of tender bites in the form of selections like the palatable Softened Rice Congee with Reef Fish.

    If there’s a one-stop crowd-pleaser for the entire family, Gili Lankanfushi’s poolside and over water bar, Fini Foni, would prove to be an impeccable option. Its plethora of enticing homemade sorbets and ice cream will help cushion the balmy weather – a gratifying choice that would draw any meal to a satisfying close. A diverse range of flavours are available to placate all taste buds.

    A Way of Life

    Booking a stay at Gili Lankanfushi is more than just a luxurious sojourn. It is a way of life and a deviation from the stresses of modern society – to simply allow the establishment to take charge.

    Crucially, each family member will be indulged with a trip of his or her lifetime. Mr. Fridays – a team of exemplary guest experience hosts – will ensure an immaculate, personable experience. Such is their infectious, absorbing energy, Mr Fridays are often sorely missed by children.

    Gili Lankanfushi, essentially, is not just an extraordinary kid-friendly space, but a natural, well-crafted sphere of well-defined play and merriment. For children, the island will always be one that elicits wonder, bliss and awe.