Dry season brings some exciting sightings!

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The monsoonal winds are starting to shift here at Gili Lankanfushi, with blustery days giving over to calm glass-like seas. Sadly this means the end of our epic Manta season is approaching, but on the plus side, the strong incoming currents of the Iruvai season bring with them some fantastic shark sightings!

Just last week we were lucky enough to spot two incredible Oceanic Blacktip Sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) (Above)! This secretive species is rarely seen in Maldives, however we hear whispers of areas where they’re more common than other sites.. Note the much larger size, sharp snout, elongated upper caudal lobe, and diminished black dorsal tip, distinguishing it from its reef counterpart, Carcharhinus melanopterus (Right).

Whilst Dive Instructor Nazeef came back from a dive last week claiming another Great Hammerhead sighting, I had exciting news of my own, having snorkeled with the elusive Guitarfish!
We have been lucky to have daily Giant Guitarfish (Rhychobatus djiddensis) (left) sightings this week! These fish, technically in the ray family, use their ventrally located mouth to dig small organisms out of the sand. This bold individual can be seen cruising under our arrival jetty each day at about 5pm, where she didn’t seem phased by my presence at all!

All in all, a pretty cool few days under water!