Gili Goes Fishing

It’s exciting for us here at Gili Lankanfushi to be launching a new set of fishing excursions run by Ocean Paradise Dive Centre! Our two choices: Big Game Fishing and Sunset Fishing are quickly becoming popular choices for our guests; with Big Game Fishing being more of a sporting and active excursion, and the Sunset option being much more relaxing for guests who want to try their hand at local hand-lining techniques as the sun goes down.

Me with my first crimson jobfish 
(Pristipomoides filamentosus)

The introduction of these excursions has meant Vaidas has been busy this past month creating new responsible fishing guidelines. Around the World, fish stocks are being depleted due to over fishing and unsustainable techniques. Here at Gili we work hard to make sure all our excursions have as little negative impact on the environment as possible. Based on the sizes different fish can attain and their minimum reproductive sizes, Vaidas has put together an info pack with minimum landing sizes of each type of fish, as well as implementing other rules such as a bag limit (number of fish guests can keep per trip) and species limits (number of fish per species guests can keep) that ensure we don’t catch and keep more fish than we need to, and that most of our fish are released un-harmed.

This undulated moray eel 
(Gymnothorax undulatusis not 
on the menu and was released

The local Maldivians have used hand lines for hundreds of years