Gili Veshi New Year Update

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As we enter into a new year and decade, there are some new updates from Gili Veshi that we want to share with you.

Gili Underwater Story
We have introduced a brand new guest experience, Gili Underwater story. This is a comprehensive journey where you will discover different underwater wonders while being guided by one of our Marine Biologists. It is a unique opportunity to gain insight into Maldives’ marine life and we cannot wait for you to come and join us!

Seagrass monitoring quadrat that has been set up to study our seagrass meadow.

Seagrass Conservation

Following our decision in 2017 to stop the removal of seagrass around Gili Lankanfushi, we are now continuously monitoring and surveying our seagrass meadows to better understand and protect this vital habitat. We are also collaborating with the Maldives Underwater Initiative team from Six Senses Laamu in raising awareness of the importance of Seagrass meadows, and we recently hosted a seagrass survey training workshop.

Coral Transplanting
During Gili Lankanfushi’s closure, we continued with our coral transplanting trials. We have now found a suitable location where the corals are doing well and we have even observed attachment to the substrate after months of monitoring. Most of the lines that we have transplanted so far are our research lines. However, now that we have found a suitable method and location for transplanting, we look forward to transplanting your donation lines in the future.

Coral colonies that have been transplanted to our nearby reef

Mantas at Rasfari

It’s the time of the year where our flappy friends move from our neighbouring dive site, Manta Point, to another snorkelling location, Rasfari, in our atoll. The change in the winds, due to a switch of the monsoon seasons, now traps plankton in different areas of the atoll and the manta rays follow their food source.