Good News and Bad News: Turtle Update

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We have received updates about the two turtles which were rescued on December 27th- Srabonti and Mamun.

When I left them at Four Seasons Kuda Huraa (FSKH) they were both a little worse for wear, with some serious injuries.
Srabonti was the worst of the two, with damage to her head and very serious lacerations to her flippers, which the team at FSKH spent 3 hours on one day trying to stitch up and save. Unfortunately, despite the team’s great efforts, the ordeal was simply too much and she sadly died only a few days later.

It’s so important not to discard nets, or any rubbish into our oceans

Mamun the male, on the other hand, was doing much better. He was eating well, and the team managed to save a lot of the movement of his hind flipper which was badly damaged. After nursing him back to health, it was time to release him, and he was set free on January 2nd, only 5 days later! Check out this video the Seamarc team posted!

The sad reality is that many Olive Ridley turtles caught in nets won’t be lucky enough to float close to an island or boat where they might be rescued. Marine debris is fast becoming one of the biggest threats facing our Ocean’s creatures today, and this turtle has had a narrow escape! Hopefully by raising awareness, and collecting data, we can reduce the amount of ghost nets in our oceans, and save as many turtles as we can in process!