Hatch, Hatch ! Hatchlings

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The One Palm Island today has over 200 black naped-terns nesting on the ground. Nests are literally everywhere on the island, and one can observe all the stages of the chick development. On the island there are eggs, motionless baby hatchlings, clumsy chicks, and finally juvenile birds that are already able to fly.The parent terns have timed this perfectly – it is the monsoon season, and the waters around the One Palm island are teaming with bait-fish. With food in such abundance the chicks will grow fast!

Everyone has a keen interest to see what’s happening on the island, but we want to disturb the seabirds as little as possible. So our marine biologist went into the island with a telescopic lens for half an hour to shoot a video, so that everyone can see the miracle of life up close. Covered up with a towel (to reduce disturbance) he was still constantly being attacked by the birds.