Here Manta, Manta, Manta!

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One of our old favourites – ‘Atlanta’ comes to clean!
It is with great pleasure that I announce the Manta Season has officially begun at Gili Lankanfushi! Despite being quite early this year, we have already had some fantastic sightings. In less than 2 weeks alone we have had over 50 sightings of these majestic creatures (and it’s showing no sign of slowing down)!

At Gili Lankanfushi we always strive to keep the lowest possible diver to guide ratio; it is very uncommon that we have more than 2 divers per guide. The major benefit of this is that our small groups will have little to no effect of the Manta Rays’ natural behaviour, thus creating some truly sensational encounters. Nothing quite beats the feeling of having to duck out of the way of these gentle ocean giants! In collaboration with the Manta Trust, we have been sending our precious identification belly photographs and have already started to welcome back some old favourites from last season!
When snorkeling or diving with Mantas we encourage environmental awareness and remind our guests never to touch or chase these vulnerable animals, and to always stay 3m from the cleaning station to enable the Mantas to get their daily clean without disturbance.

See you soon!
Pickle’s shark bite is healing well- good to see her again this year!