Legendary day for sharks and Mantas

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Bangkok, March 14th 2013.  CITES CoP accepts all the shark and Manta proposals ! 

Today, we are following up on our week, and the petition dedicated to shark and manta protection. For our marine biologists small petition we have collected 470 signatures from nationals of 54 countries, and we sent it out to delegates from 50 countries which participated in CITES CoP 2013.

Needless to say our small initiative was just a drop in the ocean compared to all the hard work that NGO’s like ProjectAWARE and MantaTrust have put in to achieve this big goal. Even more important are the countless voices of environmentally aware people around the world, who spoke for the control of elasmobranch trade.

Nonetheless our 470 voices contributed to achieving a very big goal ! Congratulations ! 

Ocean Paradise Dive Centre Team & Marine Biologist – supporting ProjectAWARE Campaign !

Black tip reef sharks – amazing & harmless sharks in the waves.

The graceful Manta Ray on one of our dives.