Linen Bag at Gili Lankanfushi

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As plastic sweeps the globe, Gili Lankanfushi pushes to decrease our impact on the world.

Despite our anti-plastic policy on the island, we still encounter plastic washed in with the tide, wrapped around our packages or brought back by shoppers from the main island.  In order to reduce our plastic consumption we’re practicing three rituals:

  1. We now recycle the plastic we find floating on the ocean through NGO Parley and we introduced this recycling scheme to a local island with a high plastic production.


  1. We began speaking to our suppliers, asking them to replace plastic for other alternatives such as cardboard boxes (for vegetable deliveries), glass bottles for drinks (as we can crush and recycle glass on site) and buying in bulk to reduce packaging.


  1. Our latest push is an island wide No Plastic Bag Policy. Instead, Gili Lankanfushi have designed linen bags and distributed them to every member of staff. The bags read ‘The key to a greener world is in your hands’ which is the winning quote of a resort wide competition to explain to everyone why linen bags are important.

By doing our bit, we hope to reduce the amount of plastic we are contributing to the global problem.