Macro In the Maldives

Can you spot the camouflaged
decorator crab here??
When divers think Maldives, they generally think of Turtles, Mantas, and Sharks etc. But spare a small thought for the little critters too. The Maldives also has a less illustrious but vibrant Macro scene going on beneath the surface.

Jess, our Marine Sports Coordinator came across a very pleasant surprise snorkelling on the Gili Lankanfushi house reef this afternoon – two Robust Ghost Pipefish. The Robust Ghost Pipefish (Solenostomus Cyanopterus) is a species of false pipefishes belonging to the family of Solenostomidae. This cryptic little species looks very similar to a drifting piece of sea grass and generally lives in open waters except during breeding, when they find a coral reef just like ours to start their family!

One of the two Robust Ghost Pipefish found on our house reef.
Photo Credit: Deborah Burn

But it doesn’t stop there; we’ve also had recent sightings of Leaf Fish, Harlequin Shrimp, Frog Fish, Dwarf Cuttlefish and even Mimic octopus, to name but a few. I suppose for those who prefer “big stuff” I could also mention that I saw a gang of six big Silky Sharks yesterday 😉

Jon Sherrington,
Dive Centre Base Leader