Our Dive Centre base leader Satoko: Diving for leaf fish…

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In the Maldives it is the dry season, winds predominantly blow from the North East, bringing in crystal clear oceanic water and often spoiling our divers with 30 meters of horizontal visibility. This is also the season of strong currents, creating a wonderful drift diving experience for advanced divers. To fulfil that experience even more our Dive Centre often takes our divers on a leaf-fish search. 

Magnificent and illusive, the leaf-fish (Taenianotus triacanthus) can only be found on certain dive sites, and it’s never easy to spot one due to its camouflage. The fish has dorsal fins that are nearly paper-thin, with venomous spines; the whole body is very compressed, and colours vary a lot. The fish can sometimes stay in the same place for years hunting for small fish and crustaceans, just occasionally taking shelter inside the reef from the strongest currents. The fish itself is known to exhibit side-to-side hip movements that make the fish look like a sinking leaf. Recently our divers have spotted pink, white and green individuals.  Although it may be common in other parts of the world, here in the Maldives it awe-inspires both divers and instructors alike. Every day our divers find and discover something new and fascinating – come and explore the underwater world with us! 

Credit for pictures goes to Satoko, enjoy the whole colour palette !