Seagrass Awareness Month

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During these uncertain times, allow us to share some positive updates about the ongoing sustainability efforts we have been undertaking at Gili Lankanfushi. It has been a year since we became proud partners of Maldives Underwater Initiative when they launched their #ProtectMaldivesSeagrass campaign during Seagrass Awareness Month (March).

Seagrass meadows are coral reef’s lesser-known cousins, but are just as important to ocean health and preservation. Throughout the year, our marine biologists have been working hard to protect and monitor our seagrass meadows. There is limited research regarding seagrass in Maldives, and the research conducted contributes to national and international databases.

Semi-permanent seagrass quadrat in our seagrass meadows installed by our Marine Biologists

Seagrass is crucial habitat for the marine animals and of course the main food source for adult green sea turtles which we have frequent sightings of at Gili Lankanfushi. We kick-started this year’s seagrass awareness month of with a seagrass snorkel in our meadow and encountered many of these animals: sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, and more!

Jackfish shadowing a stingray in the seagrass 

Through various trainings, snorkel sessions, and workshops, our hosts have also been learning about how this beautiful ecosystem seagrass is playing a part in the fight against climate change with their oxygen producing and carbon dioxide sequestering functions.

Hosts participating and a pop up seagrass workshop in our host village

We recognize that the current global situation is difficult for all of us. For now, stay at home and take care of yourself, your loved ones and appreciate your surroundings. When the challenge passes and we invite you to come out for a snorkel and discover these underwater pastures for yourself at Gili Lankanfushi!