Special fish, hanging out at (well… under) a special bar…

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Our Overwater bar is a rather nice place to be at. Surrounded by the water, spoiled by tasty cocktails & friendly waiters, you can just lay in the comfy sun bed, and enjoy the stunning view of the turquoise Lankan lagoon… Or you can take a dip under the bar itself and go for an adventure; turns out there is something special here for those who are extra keen on fish !

Recently, while doing some work under the Overwater Bar, our marine biologist discovered a very special fish – the bizarre and elusive Frogfish. It is a fish with a near perfect camouflage; can you spot it?  (in the picture on the right)  

The frogfish is an anglerfish (has a tiny lure on top of it’s forehead to attract small fish) and has got an body that is unusual for a fish. Plump, high bodied, and most strangely of all – it’s fins are modified into frog-like legs. It is a fish that WALKS on the reef, as it stalks its unsuspecting victim. When the prey is close enough, the frogfish opens it’s big mouth and immediately sucks in the prey. 

Colours of these fish vary dramatically within one species, and also within a single individual (the fish can change colour to match it’s habitat). All of that makes it difficult to identify frogfish species, let alone to simply see it on the reef. 

Finding a frog-fish is an extra special treat for avid divers and snorkelers. We are still due to identify our frogfish down to species level. Perhaps as it grows bigger it will be easier.

Frogfish are known to stay in one area of the reef for years, and therefore we hope that it will stay our bar for quite some time, allowing those extra keen guests go on a “find the frogfish” mission.