Update on the coral trays planted on the Earth day 2012

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It has been two months since our marine biologist and group of guest volunteers have put two coral trays in the lagoon to mark the Earth Day. 90% of the corals still remain attached with the “bending steel wire” method, and majority of these corals (63%) are doing well. The reason for relatively high level of mortality is likely to be the bad condition of the coral fragments that we have salvaged prior to the Earth Day (they were very stressed and partly bleached). Additional stress during transplantation probably has killed them. The corals that have died during this period will be replaced with new coral fragments this week, and we hope these will do well! Again, thanks to all the participants who helped us our on the Earth Day 2012, and we will keep you updated on these coral trays, just look for the label “EarthDayCorals2012”.  

Porites lobata corals are doing particularly well
although slow growing, these are resistant to stress
Some fragments are dead and
overgrown by a variety of epifauna