World Oceans Day 2013!

On the morning of 8th of June the Indian Ocean greeted us with a heavy storm, but in return we greeted the Ocean with promises. This year’s Oceans Day theme is “Promise for the Ocean”. During breakfast our guests were encouraged to make & write
 down a personal promise to keep Oceans healthier. 

So what did our guests promise? Some of the promises:

-use canvas bags instead of plastic bags
-to not litter
-only eat sustainably harvested seafood
-help ocean animals if they need helping
-Turn off lights as much as possible
-walk instead of taking car
-take shorter showers
-avoid using plastic bottles
-avoid short-haul flights (take train & bus instead)

In the afternoon the sea calmed down a lot, and we had a burst of kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling activity in the lagoon. Guests were also trying out scuba diving with Ocean Paradise dive team. In the evening our Marine Biologist held a special presentation on the “Corals – animals behind it all” where the guests had a chance to learn more about the coral, it’s value to Maldives  & finally global threats to coral reefs.

To finish the day our Chef Stefan prepared a special Oceans Day dinner menu focused on local & sustainably caught fish.