Coral Line by: Cameron Dent

Coral Type: Branching

Coral species: Acropora sp.

Note: We are still unsure of the exact species, but hopefully as the fragments get larger, it might be possible to get a positive ID. This line is exhibiting a very high survival rate, and each frag is growing 8 mm per 3 months on average, which is similar to most small branching species as per our study such as Acropora austera (10mm), A. digitifera (8mm) and A. vermiculata (11mm). We are seeing similar growth forms exhibit similar growth rates.

2.5 year update: Please give us some time to update the survival graphs, we are sorry for the long delay. In the meantime, check the photo below. The line suffered severe mortality during the Coral Bleaching event in April 2016, but happily, there are still many colonies remaining, which are now HUGE and ready to transplant to the reef! Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated for transplantation! 

3 year update: A very special situation occurred today as Cameron, who donated this line three years ago, was able to transplant it onto the house reef. This is a fantastic achievement!  We transplanted it at six metres deep in an area where we can check regularly for this coral’s survival and remove potential predators.  The fish were already interested in checking out their new home when this photo was taken.  Thank you so much for your assistance Cameron and family, you are a star!