Coral Line by: The Bork family

Message: “Happy Reef to you! Good luck growing!”

Coral Type: Branching

Coral species: Acropora sp.

Note: This line has grown steadily over the year, and has a strong survival rate. These pictures are interesting because we can see the difference in growth rate between this species and the species growing either side (Acropora aspera) which grows much faster! The corals are certainly ready for transplantation, however in November we are expecting a strong El Nino event here in Maldives. This will cause a rise in sea surface temperature and can severely stress the corals. We believe they have a better chance of survival remaining in the nursery than on the shallower, warmer reef. For this reason, we will postpone transplantation until December time. We are excited to get them on the reef, but ultimately their survival during this concerning time is key. For more information see our page ‘2015 El Nino’.

2 year update: We are sorry to report that this was one of the lines which died during the El Nino event of 2016. The event occurred later than we expected, and the warming period in April 2016 caused the colonies of this line to bleach and die. To learn more about bleaching see our new bleaching page. Unfortunately, all of the lines of this species died during the bleaching event, both in the nursery and on the reef! Whilst this line has died, it’s data will be used in our research. For any questions or if you wish us to plant you a new line, please email me on [email protected]