Coral Line by: Chris and Amanda Wade

Coral Type: Table

Coral species: Acropora millepora

2 year update: This was one of the unfortunate lines that was hit hardest during the 2016 El Nino bleaching event. I was really upset to see this line die as it was one of our most beautiful with excellent survival. It seems that this species does not cope well with warmer water, as on our reef, it was also one of the first to die. The happy news is that one tiny part of the line survived and has since started growing! Check the little picture on the bottom right of the 2 year shot. We will continue to monitor this little survivor as it is now a really important colony for the survival of its species in our local area. Hopefully it, along with any other strong survivors, will spawn soon and our reef will be reseeded!  For any more information your can visit our bleaching page or email me at [email protected]