Coral Line by: Valentin and Nicole Schillo

Coral Type: Tabular

Coral species: Acropora hyacinthus

2 year update: Sadly, this line was affected by the El nino induced bleaching event of 2016. This species was one of the hardest hit, being the first to die out on our house reef. All lines of this species in our nursery were impacted, however most do have some surviving colonies, and yours is no different. There are still 7 little survivors on your line! These are like gold dust and we will monitor them closely over the next months, as they’re very important for re-populating our damaged reef with this species whether it is through spawning or transplantation. You will notice the line is still in the nursery- we made the decision to leave all lines in the nursery whilst the bleaching event occurred so as not to induce extra stress. This seems to have been the right choice, as we lost far fewer corals in the nursery than we did on our reef. Rather than transplanting these colonies, we may use them to fragment for some new lines in the future. To learn more head to our bleaching page or email us on [email protected]