Coral Line by: Maldives National University

Date Created: 24 April 2015

Coral Type: Digitate

Coral species: Acropora sp.

2017 Update: MNU Students will be delighted to know that whilst their coral line bleached during our El Nino event in 2016 (see 1 year photo), the entire line completely recovered! We can see the corals have regained their colours and have started to grow again (see 1.5 year photo). This is one of our best lines in terms of survival and growth and we can’t wait to transplant it onto the reef and see how it survives. The line remains in the nursery for now as we have an outbreak of coral eating starfish (Crown of thorns/Kaashi boa) on our reef. We are trying to eliminate this problem before transplantation. Look for new updates in March 2017 when we hope to transplant! To learn more about the El Nino event and coral bleaching, head to our bleaching page.

November, 2021 update: this line had been left to grow in the nursery for quite some time and produced 11 healthy colonies. Since they survived the 2016 mass bleaching event, we feel positive that they will continue to regenerate the reef with resilient offspring.