Ligne de Corail pour:  Yvan

Date Créée: 8 mai 2015

Type de corail: Digitate

Espece de corail: Acropora hyacinthus

Update 2017: Excellent to see very good growth and survival for this line, even following the El Nino bleaching event. We can see from the 1 year photo that this line did not lose it’s colour, and so is an important line for us to grow. To learn more about bleaching and El Nino, head to our bleaching page.

Update July, 2021: this line has been transplanted back to the natural reef where it now forms an integral part of an ecosystem that provides essential functions such as food and habitat for Maldives’ diverse marine life. Since most of the line survived the 2016 bleaching event it was an important line to transplant since it had shown increased resilience to environmental stressors. We hope that they will continue to reseed the reefs around the island!