Coral Line by:  Paul Miles & Sue Whitehouse
Date Created: 27 April 2015
Coral Type: Digitate

Coral species: Acropora tenuis

Update, 2017: We are delighted to report this line is still growing well. It was one of the lines that survived the bleaching event in 2016. We are looking forward to transplanting our lines onto the reef. This has not happened yet firstly because of the El Nino bleaching event, and secondly, because we are currently experiencing an outbreak of coral eating predators on our reef. We are working to eradicate these before the transplantation phase.

Update June, 2021: the line had been left to grow in the nursery for several years after the 2016 bleaching, and for unclear reasons only a few of the colonies survived. While this is unfortunate, it gave us an insight about the amount of water flow certain species may require, which will inform future line placements. The surviving colonies have been transplanted onto the natural reef and given their resilience, we feel like they will play an important role in reseeding the reef around Gili Lankanfushi.