Coral Line by: David Fairman & Nicole Nicol

Coral Type: Branching

Coral species: Acropora sp.

Message: Nic &  Dave Maldives 2016

The sudden decrease in survival at 6 months was due to the 2016 El Nino event which hit us in April/May. El Nino increased the temperature which is detrimental to the corals. To learn more about the El Nino event and it’s effects visit our coral bleaching page at or email the project manager at [email protected]. At 9 months we can see that the remaining fragments are living and growing really well. These are really important corals to help us re-seed our damaged One Palm Island reef! Unfortunately the photo angle doesn’t show the living corals so well, but they’re still there. Will get a photo of some of the best ones in the coming weeks and post it 🙂