Diving Against Debris for the third time…

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From now-on we shall stop counting ! Diving Against Debris as a part of ProjectAWARE is the new tradition at Gili. A proof of this is that one of our hosts, ferry captain Shafeeg, actually came back from his holiday early just to participate in the reef cleaning. Enthusiasm like this can really make a difference!

This month we went out to clean Bogy Faru reef again, as we felt that we did not manage haul out all the rubbish last month. We want to make this reef nice and clean; both for the wildlife as well as for our divers and snorkelers. After 45 minutes a team of 5 guests and 6 hosts surfaced with 15 kg of rubbish.The weirdest item found this month was a whole window frame with broken glass all around it. Only 15kg compared to last months 52 kg is good news; the reef cleaning does work!

We would like to thank everyone who made this event happen. Big thank you goes out to our guest and host divers, as well as Ocean Paradise dive centre, boat crew and the F&B team that spoiled us with a selection of freshly squeezed juices after the dive.