Fluorescent Snorkeling – a new perspective on the reef

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Imagine yourself going on an adventure to explore first-hand, something that is still a complete mystery to science… That is precisely what fluorescent snorkeling is all about!

The sun is already low in the sky as our marine biologist introduces you to this experience with a short talk, to add to the intrigue…The sound of the waves washing onto the beach fills the background as you familiarise yourself with some specialist equipment.   

We leave Lankanfushi just as the sun starts sinking into the horizon… We jump into the dark blue ocean, and switch on the blue lights… Suddenly the coral reef lights up in bizarre fluorescent green in front of you. You move closer with your torch to inspect this green world, and the intricate patterns on the coral emerge before your eyes… Plenty of time to gaze and guess, why this might be…. ‘

Later, as you are coming back on the boat in the dark of the night, you brainstorm ideas on what purpose this fluorescence might serve for the coral – and here every idea counts. Our Marine Biologist will review your ideas, and send you an information package by email, with feedback on your personal hypotheses, and the summary of the latest science on the Fluorescent Corals- a subject of scientific debate to this day! 

We have received some great feedback on this new experience, and therefore it is available for our guests in 2013!  

Happy New Year to all of our underwater world explorers !