Coral Line by: The Fergusons

Message : “Happy to help Gili make a difference.”

Coral Type: Branching

Coral species: Acropora aspera

Note: Another line with incredible growth rates! Growing an average of 4.6mm per 3 month period, and with a 93% survival rate, this line was doing very well. After 9 months, myself and Vaidas went to measure this line and found it had outgrown our calipers! This is something we had not anticipated, and we are amazed at the growth rate on every line of this species. A photograph of the fragments at 9 months has been posted below! At 2 years, sadly we see a dramatic drop in survival rate. This was caused by the El Nino event in 2016 which caused mass coral bleaching. The majority of wild corals of this species died, so to have any coral left alive at all should be considered a blessing. As you can see, at 2 years, some corals were left, but at 2.5 years, only one remains. This is because the monitoring period at 2 years fell exactly during the bleaching event, where the corals were dying, some still just alive.

You have one remaining colony (which is huge!), and it will be used to re-fragment and make a new line with. This new line will then be used (with its super fast growth rates) to restore our damaged reef.