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Virginie is a highly experienced massage and bodywork specialist, boasting over 15 years in the field. She’s a graduate of the Arizona School of Integrative Studies and a Reiki Master, with a unique approach that blends physical recovery and emotional healing. Her holistic perspective delves deep to uncover the root causes of physical discomfort, offering clients a profound sense of peace. Having traveled the world, Virginie has shared her skills and empathy with exclusive resorts and spas for 15 years, making her a sought-after expert in promoting wholeness and balance. Trust Virginie to guide you on your path to well-being.

Discover your Way

Join Virginie for a peaceful Walking Meditation to start your amazing day  

Walking Meditation  

Monday & Friday  

Deepen our connection with our body and the earth. Learn how to breathe, take a mindful step, and come back to your true home. Receive the powerful energy from this beautiful island and elevate your vibration!    

Time: 07:00 -07:45 a.m.

Venue: Yoga Champa


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