Australian Gold Brasil Botanic Sunscreen

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Most of the sunscreen can cause coral bleaching. At Gili Lankanfushi, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously, and that includes protecting our precious coral reefs. We encourage all guests to use reef-safe sunscreen to prevent coral bleaching caused by harsh chemicals in traditional sunscreens. That’s why we offer Australian Gold Brasil Botanic Sunscreen, a non-chemical lotion that provides effective protection without leaving a whitening residue. This reef-safe sunscreen is available for purchase at our boutique, so you can protect your skin while doing your part to protect our marine ecosystem.

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2023, Experience

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For several years, Gili Lankanfushi has recognised October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and teamed up with a non-profit organisation to gather donations for the cause. This year is the same, as guests can participate in enjoyable activities while supporting the cause in various ways.

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With sustainability in our hearts, we present a selection of certified Organic Wines in our mini bar for a healthier you.

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Dine under the stars by the silvery light of the moon at our romantic Full Moon Dinner.

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