Full Moon Dinner

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Dine under the stars by the silvery light of the moon at our romantic Full Moon Dinner. Savour delights from a carefully crafted gourmet menu by our team of talented chefs, while our sommelier recommend the finest wines to go along with these mouthwatering dishes. The full moon can be particularly captivating, being this close to the equator – definitely a night to remember.

On the night of the full moon, as inspired by Earth Hour, we have Gili Hour, where we dedicate an hour of the evening to switching off lights and all other electrical appliances to save energy. As of sunset all lighting is dimmed or turned off, the area would be lit with candles especially in Spa, Restaurants and Bars. On turn down service, villa attendants are to switch off villa lights. In addition, Mr. Fridays are to encourage the guests staying in their villas to turn off their lights and appreciate the stars from their roof terrace.

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